Piezo Scaler Tips Combo for Acteon™/Satelec™ Piezo Scalers at 70% less cost.


Compatible scaler tips at 70% less cost for consistently effective scaling outcomes.

Fully compatible with the following piezo ultrasonic scalers:

Acteon Newtron P5, Acteon Newtron P5 XS, Vista P5, NSK*, ENAC, Sybron Endo, Obtura Spartan, ADEC, J.Morita, Dentsply/Tulsa, Amdent, Hu-Friedy Symmetry IQ 3000 and  Hu-Friedy Symmetry IQ 4000

Why chose Woodpecker Piezo Scaler Tips?

Genuine Woodpecker™ tips are made of premium quality biocompatible surgical grade steel and will not rust even after 300 sterilization cycles.  They will not not crack even after 1000 working hours.  Genuine Woodpecker™ Piezo tips spray water evenly for effective cleaning and cooling.  The tips have a very long life span due to a fine polishing process at the instrument edge. They are direct replacement for EMS™-style and Acteon™/Satalec™-style piezo scaler tips.  Woodpecker™ is a world leader in piezo scaler research and manufacturing with 26 years of experience and its development team includes 56 technical experts.