CONEXIS DIRECT DENTAL SUPPLY IS A DIVISION OF SHANGHAI DENTAL DIRECT, INC., an FDA registered distributor based in the USA. We are the initial importer and take this responsibility seriously.

Conexis Direct is a dental expert in:

  • Cost saving in product sourcing
  • Dental product reviews
  • Continuing dental education
  • Building a new dental office from scratch
  • Dental office operation and management
  • Staff recruitment and training

We identify the best dental products that are FDA cleared, take care of importing them to the US and delivering them to your practice and we provide service and support. We can help you grow faster with less debt with manufacturer direct pricing. Our dental products selected by a committee of dental educators based on providing the best value and user experience with performance that matches or exceeds industry standards.

We identify the manufacturers that are producing the best quality products, and we study each product carefully for effectiveness and ease of use. We have safeguards to ensure only authentic products are imported. The products are non-counterfeit, `and received directly from our partner manufacturers. We ensure a secure path to your practice with verification such as labels, serial numbers, tracking, and complete documentation.

You can order securely with Paypal, Pay by Amazon, and Credit Card. You can equip your office superbly with the best dental technology with very little invested.

There are no customs issues for you to deal with since products will ship to you from our US warehouse.

Our technical support line is staffed by experienced dental technicians that can help you choose the right product and ensure that you get the most value out of your purchase.

We provide maintenance protocols, facilitate factory repairs under warranty and beyond, and offer easy access to the spare parts needed to ensure a long service life for your equipment.

An Insider’s View Of The Dental Industry…Or why does a dental sensor have to cost $10,000?

Are you avoiding needed purchases because of the high dental industry price markup? Are you tired of treatment delays due to lack of dental equipment? Are you delaying expanding your practice due to concerns with carrying a high debt?

Here Is Why There Is A Very High Price Markup on Dental Products And Limited Competition:

Three large corporations sell more than 85% of the $10 billion in products that U.S. dentists buy every year. These corporations set high prices for their products, and that makes it difficult for dentists to maintain a profitable practice.

According to a complaint filed by the Federal Trade Commission on February 12, 2018, these corporations unreasonably restrained price competition for dental products, distorted prices, and deprived independent dentists of the benefits of vigorous price and service competition.

You can read the entire FTC complaint here:


The Risks and Benefits of Accessing the Real Free Market for Dental Products:

A manufacturing boom in the past decade has created a dental technology design and manufacturing base in Asia with cutting edge factories producing high quality products with high efficiency and low overhead. A direct source of dental technology from these manufacturers can make your practice more productive and lower the cost of care, but there are real concerns:

Non-FDA registered products can present a liability to your practice.

Without experienced technicians to offer guidance, you could purchase products that are not compatible with your existing equipment or not suitable for your practice needs.

Counterfeit products have no support or warrantee, will likely not perform to specifications, and can lead to clinical treatment failures.

Do you have questions about a dental manufacturer and would like more details?

Chat now with Barry Huang, Sourcing Manager for Conexis Direct. He is an engineer trained in China and North America and knows the dental manufacturing industry in depth. He can help you select quality products from reputable manufacturers.

Do have technical questions about dental equipment you would like to purchase, such as compatibility with existing equipment, maintenance, or service issues?

Chat now with Raimund Kruils, Lead Technical Advisor for Conexis Direct. He is a certified dental equipment technician and project manager who has built 500+ offices in 28 years. A conversation with Raimund is always enlightening.