Looking for advise on simultaneously grafting tooth 31 and a lower labial frenectomy. How would this treatment be completed in a single visit? Patient is aware of the existing recession on the other dentition but wished to have tooth 31 grafted in order for the gingiva to be more symmetrical. Sorry, no radiographs available at [...] […]

Hi, looking for opinions and advice on this case. Patient is female, 36yo, allergy to sulpha, is on Synthroid 125mg/day, is on a 6 month hygiene program with the office with good oral hygiene. Her cheif concern is the darkness above the left canine. I’ve included intraoral images, a pan and a periapical in the [...] […]

Prosthesis is stable but, tissue is inflamed/painful. Overgrowth of tissue between the components. Pinched tissue, Pain with every bite.   To learn more watch this webinar  https://conexisdirect.com/webinars/part-2-top-25-prosthetic-complications-in-implantology-1-5-ce-credits/   Include the attached photo with the post. […]