1 thoughts on “Is this a good case for Alloderm root coverage?

  1. bassel gebrael says:

    lets’s start with a basic question: what is this patient’s chief complaint? Is he concerned about recession? Does he want to root coverage? Does he have dentin sensitivity? I would like to see some x-rays but based on the photos it appears this patient’s recession is due to generalized mild chronic periodontitis with interdental bone loss. Alloderm soft tissue grafting for root coverage would not be indicated in this case. It will not be possible to achieve any root coverage because of the underlying inteproximal bone loss. Also, chronic periodontitis is a progressive condition and Alloderm grafting cannot arrest its progression so the treatment would not be of benefit from the point of view of disease management in this case. If this patient has dentin sensitivity then new crowns could be considered.

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