Dynamic DU852 New Portable Dental Unit With Air Compressor and Suction. Includes LED curing light and power scaler.

Just plug it in! No plumbing required. Save thousands and avoid downtime.

Boost Clinic Productivity Quickly: Set up an extra treatment room, a satellite office, or equip an expanding hygiene department without construction delays and with lower startup costs.

Ideal for expanding dental clinics, dental hospitals, Army Dental Care, and House Call Dental Services, nursing homes, and volunteer programs.

The Dynamic DU892 Portable Dental Unit is a complete portable self-contained dental delivery system. On-board clean water bottles combined with an oil-free air compressor and the suction system eliminates the need for central utilities. Just plug it into a standard electrical outlet.

This portable dental system is equipped to operate the water system, power one high speed and one slow speed air handpiece, and power the low volume and high volume suction.