Do multiple adjacent extractions affect implant bone levels?

Beagle dogs were assigned to three groups with 16 sites each:

Group 1: Single tooth extraction and one immediate implant

Group 2: Two adjacent teeth extractions and one immediate implant

Group 3: Three adjacent teeth extractions and one immediate implant

Jaw segments were analyzed for bone thickness, marginal bone loss and bone to implant contact.

Group 3 (Three adjacent teeth extractions with one immediate implant in the middle socket) had the most severe buccal marginal bone loss (3.20mm compared to 0.375mm for Group 1 (single extraction and immediate implant).

Multiple adjacent teeth extraction causes more extensive buccal bone remodelling and greater amount of buccal marginal bone loss around immediately placed implants. This may be due to the severing of the interdental bone blood supply.

Alveolar Bone Remodeling Around Immediate Implants Placed in Accordance With the Extraction Socket Classification: A Three-Dimensional Microcomputed Tomography Analysis.

Munirah Saleh Al-Shabeeb, Mansour Al-Askar, Abdulaziz Al-Rasheed, Nadir Babay, Fawad Javed, Hom-Lay Wang and Khalid Al-Hezaimi

Journal of Periodontology August 2012, Vol. 83, No. 8.

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